Silk Detergent


39,58  / l

  • Special detergent for pure silk
  • completely biodegradable
  • without greasing components
  • silk fibres remain soft and supple
  • 240 ml bottle


For the care and cleaning of pure silk we recommend the silk detergent Tenestar. It has been specially developed for silk and does not contain any aggressive chemicals or greasing components. The detergent protects the fabric from roughening and is completely biodegradable.

Stains can also be removed with the silk detergent. Simply dab the stain with Tenestar before washing, let it work for approx. 15 minutes and then wash it out.


Care instructions

Always use a pH-neutral and liquid silk detergent or mild detergent. Please make sure that no alkaline detergent is used, as this will damage the silk in the long run. Hair shampoos or wool shampoos are also unsuitable, as they usually contain greasing components and the silk loses its shine as a result. A teaspoon of vinegar (wine vinegar) cares for the silk after washing. When the silk appears dull simply add a dash of vinegar to the cold water and rinse the sleeping bag with it.

Normally, the washing temperature of silk is 30° C. In case of heavy soiling, however, it can also be washed at 60° C.

Hand wash:
Soak the silk sleeping bag for 3-5 minutes and wash carefully. Do not spin or wring in the washing machine afterwards, as wet silk is very sensitive.

Machine wash:
Wash the silk sleeping bag in a very gentle washing cycle in a laundry bag without spinning.

Dry while lying down. You can put the sleeping bag on a towel, roll it up and carefully squeeze it out. Then unwind and dry lying down. Do not place on the heater or in direct sunlight.

If necessary, iron silk from the left side in a humid state at low heat.

Wash with similar colours. Do not dry in a tumble dryer. Do not bleach.