The idea of ​​designing silk sleeping bags for babies and toddlers arose out of my own need. When it got unbearably hot in our Berlin apartment in summer, I remembered the silk sleeping bags that I had with me on my travels in Asia. I remembered this delicate fabric breath and liked the feel of silk on my skin. It cooled me when it was too hot and protected me from the fresh breezes when temperatures dropped. I assumed that there would be such silk sleeping bags for small children and wanted to buy such a sleeping bag for my daughter. I did not find anything and therefore decided to sew silk sleeping bags for her and other children.

The search for a name made me think about the warm summer nights in my parents’ house in the countryside. The wonderful song of the nightingale could always be heard from the garden at night. A small and inconspicuous bird that was rarely seen, but which appeared all the more powerful at night and accompanied my sleep with its song.

For those who prefer colorful and lightweight cotton fabrics, there will always be a small selection of summery fabric designs.

Sleeping bags made of 70% merino wool and 30% silk are suitable for the transitional period, while cuddly cotton and merino wool variants are available for winter.


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