Material properties of silk

Silk is a valuable natural fibre and is characterised by its strong sheen, high strength and temperature-regulating properties. The smooth and supple fabric is therefore ideal for cooling the skin when it is hot, but also for protecting it from the cold. Silk can absorb about 30% of its own weight in moisture and therefore has a moisture regulating effect. In comparison, cotton can only absorb about 10% of its own weight. The silk absorbs body perspiration and still feels dry to the touch and allows the delicate skin of children to breathe well.

The chemical structure of silk is very similar to that of the skin. It is therefore particularly skin-friendly and also suitable for allergy sufferers. The sericin contained has a calming and soothing effect on skin irritations.

Due to its smooth surface, silk is dirt repellent and insensitive to odours and has a high strength and the greatest elasticity of all natural fibres.